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GOSINFOTECH, the Russian geoinformation corporation, was founded in 2008. It focuses on development and implementation of geoinformation and design and engineering technology. One of the key products is the Cyclone geoinformation system providing an opportunity to control any geographically-distributed assets of the large-scale Russian enterprises.

The company carries out projects for GIS implementation in various sectors: fuel and energy complex, power industry, road facilities, housing and public utilities, shipbuilding, construction, and development.

The key focus areas of the corporation:


  • Geoinformatics. The spatial data infrastructure of resources, objects and processes on the basis of the national geographic information platform "Cyclone".
  • Comprehensive Information Modeling (CIM). Analytical block. Object lifecycle management. Monitoring the progress of construction of strategic and municipal facilities.
  • Inventory. Geobaza data property and production complexes and their actual state, degree and nature of use.
  • CIM Design. Comprehensive ​ information model of buildings and infrastructure for verification of expertise. Predictive collision search.
  • Project financing and insurance. Underwriting insurance (CIM), “pass-through”, project, licensed financing.
  • Replenishment of budgets of various levels. Data exchange, interdepartmental interaction.
  • Security. Control and isolation of the use of spatial data from other sources.

Among our customers are Gazprom, Admiralty Shipyards, Lenenergo, Power Machines, VTB Development, Kirovsky Zavod, Severny Gorod, LEK, LSR Group and others.

The structure of the corporation includes:

  • GOSINFOTECH JSC is the parent company regulating licenses of the Cyclone E platform
  • Institute of Geographic Information Technologies - Working with state-owned companies (PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Rosseti and others). Technical support and revision of corporate and municipal geographic information systems to the requirements of the Cyclone E platform
  • Institute of Design and Construction - examination and approbation of geoinformatics technologies and integrated information modeling.
  • The Department of Geoinformatics on the basis of SPSUACE - training and the development of integrated information modeling and its application in various industries.
  • Promspetstech is an expert in the field of reliability management, the development of software and hardware diagnostics of equipment, the methodology of using ITS (technical condition index).

Today GOSINFOTECH Corporation has 500 full-time and field employees.

About the CYCLONE platform:

The Cyclone platform is a Russian development for managing distributed property and production assets based on a geo-information database. The solution provides for the collection, accumulation, storage, transformation, analysis and transmission of spatial information about resources, objects and processes.

Management Board:

  • Igor Grechukhin, Independent Director of GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Boris Kuznetsov, Managing Director of GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Anton Malyshev, General Director of GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Olga Osipova, Chief Executive Officer, Head of the Administration Office of GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Roman Korniets, Deputy General Director for Finance and Corporate Governance, GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Denis Bogdanov, Deputy General Director for Development and Innovations of GOSINFOTECH JSC
  • Vitaly Gvozdev, Managing Director of the Institute of Design and Construction