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JSC GOSINFOTECH is a corporation having many years of experience in the field of geoinformation and design / engineering technology. Since 2008, JSC GOSINFOTECH has been engaged in the development, implementation and support of up-to-date GIS solutions, as well as design, educational and regulatory / methodological activities in the field of geoinformation systems.

A key development of GOSINFOTECH is Cyclone, the Russian standardized geoinformation system. It is the only national GIS that meets all regulations and standards of the Russian Federation. The platform was developed in a framework of creating a unified geoinformation environment in full accordance with Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 163-рп dated May 18, 2017 On Approval of a Plan for Transition to National Geoinformation Technology.

JSC GOSINFOTECH implemented a number of major projects in state and business enterprises of various economy sectors: public administration, fuel and energy complex (oil and gas industry, power engineering), infrastructure (transport, road facilities), housing and public utilities and utilities systems, shipbuilding, construction and development, manufacturing. The Cyclone platform solutions allow you to control any geographically-distributed assets of large-scale Russian enterprises.

The largest government-owned enterprises, partially government-owned companies and private businesses are among the organizations that apply the Cyclone platform:

  • Gazprom
  • Admiralty Shipyards
  • Lenenergo
  • Power Machines
  • VTB Development
  • Kirovsky Zavod
  • Severny Gorod
  • LEK
  • LSR Group

Experts of JSC GOSINFOTECH are involved in the development of methodology and standards for spatial analysis application in various sectors of the Russian economy and promotion of geoinformation technology intended for use in large state and business structures. Analysis of the best world practices in the field of GIS and profound knowledge of the needs of the Russian market allow GOSINFOTECH specialists to achieve the highest level of information accuracy and itemization while executing projects based on the Cyclone platform.


Our goal is to create and improve geoinformation technology in Russia at the state level, as well as to promote its standardization and distribution. Application of geoinformatics and design up-to-date standards helps to increase transparency of financial and economic activities of enterprises, security, reliability and quality of all business processes, to improve corporate governance and increase economic efficiency of performance at all levels, and, as a result, to create the basis for sustainable growth of the country's economy.

To this end, we make use of the international vendors’ background experience and the awareness of the Russian market specifics; we have already created and are now developing a national GIS; together with the experts of ministries concerned, we are involved in developing national standards, methodology and the general vector of the geoinformatics market development in Russia.

Standardization and statutory regulation, risk modeling, technical state prediction of objects that are key to national security of the country, support systems for managerial decision-making, intellectual processing of data flows for the purpose of extracting valuable information for public administration and business: the global and Russian economy is developing in these advanced fields. These approaches are also at the heart of GOSINFOTECH corporation activities.

We operate in full compliance with the Russian legislation and regulations. Our developments are the Russian standardized solutions that allow government-owned and partially government-owned companies to meet the key requirements which guide the development of geoinformatics and design in Russia for years to come:

  • Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 163-рп dated 18.05.2017 On Approval of a Plan for Transition to National Geoinformation Technology;
  • Order of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia No. 926/пр dated 29.12.2014 On Approval of a Plan for Step-by-Step Implementation of Information Modeling Technology in the Field of Industrial and Civil Construction.

JSC GOSINFOTECH regularly participates in the creation of methodology and standards of the domestic GIS market in working groups aimed at the implementation of GIS technology and the latest modeling technology in civil and industrial construction and design under:

  • The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation;
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;
  • The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Another strategic line for JSC GOSINFOTECH is training and education activity and reliance on academic personnel. The best research specialists team is involved in designing and developing of Cyclone, the Russian geoinformation system. The opening of the Department of Geoinformation Technology at Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Faculty of Applied Mathematics) makes it possible to show future young specialists the world experience and the Russian achievements in the field of geoinformatics and design, to link science to the application of technology in real life.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Top-rank academic database. Our developer team consists of more than 50 highly qualified specialists and scientists whose education, professional training and experience have allowed us to create Cyclone, the best GIS in Russia.

Thorough Expertise

We have been cooperating with lead Russian and foreign research institutes in terms of knowledge sharing and joint projects implementation for over four years. We have created the Department of Geoinformation Technology at Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, where our employees hold classes.

International Practices

We have been studying the experience and technology of international companies, GIS developers, for over 10 years. We create our own solutions combining the global standards and technology with the legal framework and regulations of the Russian Federation.

Focused Specialization

Each company that is a part of GOSINFOTECH corporation possesses many years of wide experience in certain areas of geoinformation and design and engineering technology application.

Russian Market Awareness

We are fully engaged in the creation of nationwide methodology and regulations, which the domestic GIS market will be following.

Standardization and Import Substitution

We reduce risks and costs on the part of domestic enterprises in the process of transition to the Russian GIS.