JSC GOSINFOTECH solutions in the field of smart modeling allow carrying out a full spatial inventory, which reflects the actual composition and state of property and business assets.

Inventory with Cyclone will allow you:

  • To receive up-to-date and reliable information regarding real estate and available assets.
  • To minimize interpretation errors during analysis of the company's assets state.
  • To make reasonable decisions of the best options for organization, operation of the assets and land plots.

What does inventory include?

JSC GOSINFOTECH applies its own methods of source data acquisition for the purposes of smart modeling: geodetic methods, laser scanners, archival materials, flowcharts, photographic and survey materials. The inventory complexity is also provided by integration of necessary data from the accounting information systems.

As a result of the inventory, you will receive not only a complete picture of the actual assets composition in the form of a uniform structured data and objects documentation storage, but also all required information with regard to make reasonable managerial and strategic decisions.

We provide the following services in the field of inventory:

  • Geodetic survey, creation of a field compilation survey, including with the use of signal receivers from satellite navigation systems.
  • Topographic data, topo survey of various scales, geodetic support.
  • Inspection of underground utilities systems, including with the use of cable tracers, compilation of underground structures list.
  • Re-engineering of archival materials in hard copies and preparing of up-to-date as-built documentation. 
  • Interpretation of process flow diagrams with regard to the results of surface laser scanning and ground observations.
  • Smart photo-fixation and structuring in accordance with the objects subject to inspection classification, including with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Control over the construction progress, comparison and analysis of the construction plan/actual.

Application Areas

Creation of enterprise assets engineering models:

  • Uniform structured storage.
  • Inventory of equipment and accounting of various physical assets.
  • Topology and arrangement of a complex technical product or a workshop in general.
  • Demonstration of technological processes on a three-dimensional engineering model.
  • Data visualization in real-time mode of the main technological processes occurring at different stages of products assembly or in modes of equipment operation.
  • Interactive electronic technical manuals application.
  • Interactive information regarding assembly, commissioning, maintenance, and repair procedures related to a particular product.

Property management:

  • Raster materials vectorization, composing, re-projection, attributive content.
  • Each premises passports maintenance.
  • State cadastre creation and maintenance.
  • Updating of spatial and semantic data by the objects of real estate cadastre.
  • Disclosure of data contained in real estate cadastre.
  • Organization of public services providing information contained in the register of immovable and movable property.
  • Informing of the real estate objects owned and intended for leasing.
  • Control of government-owned lands procedures automation.

This work package results provide a vision of the actual assets composition and status, naturally supplementing existing information and accounting systems, providing the required information with regard to make reasonable managerial and strategic decisions.