Geoinformatics is one of the key focus areas of JSC GOSINFOTECH. Our solutions render support to classify and analyze geoinformation data with regard to reasonable managerial decision-making, which is especially relevant to large-scale enterprises with geographically-distributed assets. Geoinformation solutions provide smart support for all business processes at any management level. They create conditions for effective work with assets with the use of visualization, mapping, spatial analytics, risk modeling, data mining and optimization of resource utilization.

Import Substitution​

In accordance with Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 163-РП dated 18.05.2017 On Approval of a Plan for Transition to National Geoinformation Technology, all government-owned enterprises must refuse application of foreign GIS, since it conflicts with interests of the country national security.

GOSINFOTECH corporation experts possess a wide experience in working with foreign systems and creating their own solutions, so they are able to assist in the provision of a flexible, step-by-step and efficient transition from foreign technology to national one, which fully complies with the regulatory institution requirements.

The Cyclone system is a standardized solution created in accordance with the legal regulations regarding the transition to the Russian solutions. It should be noted that the migration process will not cause damage to the current enterprise's business processes and will not require significant financial investments. This result is achieved due to enhancement of the existing spatial data infrastructure with capabilities of the Cyclone platform without major modifications and long-term implementation projects. In fact, Cyclone application does not require additional financing and time-consuming for integration with the pre-existing GIS at the enterprise

Our GIS Application Areas

  • Public Sector.
    GIS technology provides an opportunity to keep assets record of enterprises critical for the country, to maintain a high level of their security, to develop infrastructure and urban projects
  • Manufacturing Facilities.
    Our geoinformation solutions help large-scale companies to manage a large number of their own business assets: to keep records, to monitor, to control, to maintain and repair objects, to analyze the collected spatial data.
  • Construction and Development.
    Our technology makes it possible to manage design and civil engineering works of any complexity and for any construction site. In the field of construction, we create visibility maps in order to monitor possible horizon line changes during construction of new buildings and structures. We can make visual panoramas of the city from the windows of future apartments or commercial premises with the help of 3D city map, as well.
  • Oil and Gas Industry.
    GIS application in the oil and gas industry allows managing the life cycle of deposits, land allocations, environmental charges, monitoring and spatial analyzing production performance, planning transportations, as well as taking reasonable decisions in emergency situations (operating management and environmental damage assessment).
  • Power Engineering.
    Geo-basic data in power engineering is involved at all stages of the process: starting from field exploring, creation and deployment of infrastructure, extraction, storage, transportation, and distribution. The GIS offers support for logistics processes, security enforcement and emergency response assurance, energy-savings and fuel and energy complex energy efficiency increase.



According to Rostelecom, the Russian market of geo-basic data and related services is predicted to grow up to 8.2 billion rubles in 2020.


The global GIS market is also growing: in accordance with a report published by Markets&Markets, the GIS market is predicted to grow up to 10.12 billion US dollars by 2023, with an average annual growth rate of 9.6% between 2017 and 2023. The main growth drivers are the smart city technology development and urban development, the integration of geoinformation technology with business analytics and the growing introduction of the GIS into the transport industry sector.


The Cyclone GIS advantages:

  • Fast and convenient transition to a national solution.
  • Capital investment efficiency improvement.
  • Cutting project terms and budget.
  • Assets control.
  • Less time required for data receipt, processing and analysis.
  • Up-to-date and timely information regarding assets status.

The structure of JSC GOSINFOTECH includes the Institute of Geoinformation Technology possessing a wealth of experience in geoinformation systems development. JSC GOSINFOTECH offers to use its own facilities to implement industry solutions on the basis of an in-house Cyclone Geoinformation Platform.